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Photo Gallery

The Team, The Cars, and more...
From NJ Hyundai dealers, Brad Benson Auto Group

Visit our NJ Hyundai dealers...virtually! Browse our photo galleries of cars, or get a glimpse at the Brad Benson team behind the scenes. Then visit one of the leading NJ Hyundai dealers, Brad Benson Auto Group in South Brunswick, New Jersey for an incredible deal on a brand new or used Hydundai or Mitsubishi, or even pick from a wide selection of used cars.


Winners and Still Champs
Brad shares the spotlight with the team.

Meet the Team
Get a glimpse into the day in the life of the Brad Benson Auto Group.

Brad's Personal Photos
A few faces you might recognize...

The Suburbanites
Brad Benson unveils the Giants Stadium Goal Posts with his fellow offensive line

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